Terrific song arrangements, hilarious lyrics, and great harmonies. High Pine Whiskey Yell is great for any occasion!”

— Seth J. Brown


Born out of a desperate need for craft beer, deep powder, plastic jug moonshine, fast-moving rivers, and a deep-seated fear that artificial intelligence will ruin hard-driving bluegrass... High Pine Whiskey Yell came together as a band in 2018 and released its first EP (The Orchard Sessions) in 2019.  Its newest album "Garden City Double-Wide" was released June 2021 and continues to build on the band's Idaho roots. 


This five-piece group of modern-day rounders focuses on telling true stories about robots taking your job, banksters robbing from the poor, the trials of gold panning in Idaho, skiing/riding deep powder, UFOs, and a few other traditional bluegrass subjects (such as murder, drinking, and dogs).



Bringing experience from a multitude of projects, this Idaho string band is sure to win you over with its take on bluegrass and the Americana tradition. Its members have played in numerous bands and projects throughout the years incorporating those experiences into Idaho storytelling that is High Pine Whiskey Yell.  Providing support for groups such as The Lil Smokies, Pixie and the Party Grass Boys, Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs, Boot Juice and numerous others... these fellas know how to bring the party.


Scotty Tyler's mandolin playing is aggressive enough to land an Idaho brown trout, yet soothing enough pacify a wookie in a festival hammock. Austin Clark's wielding of the fiddle is nothing short of broadsword-esque and captures the true essence of the fiddle's spirit animal (jaguar-rattlesnake).  Don Hurda's guitar flat-picking could woo even the most elusive of Idaho sasquatches out of the woods. Mike Murry's dobro playing has been known spin festival goers into a three day dance-trance.  And Chad Lamer's upright bass playing... well let's just say they sometimes give him water, beer, and let him ride inside the truck.  

With all that in mind... if you like having a damn good time... then High Pine Whiskey Yell is your new band!

Press Photos

Photo Credits - BACKyArt Photograph by Jodane

Photo Credit - BACKyART Photography by Jodane